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Finland will supply heavy artillery to Ukraine in a €400 million package

Finland has announced that it will send a €400 million package of heavy artillery to Ukraine in order to help the country defend itself against potential Russian aggression. The package includes a range of artillery, including self-propelled howitzers, mortar systems, ammunition, and other military support. The package is expected to be delivered to Ukraine by the end of 2021.

The package is part of a larger €1 billion defense package from the European Union, which was announced in 2019 as part of a joint effort to bolster Ukraine’s defenses. Finland has been a major contributor to the package, providing approximately 40 percent of the total. Finland has also been an active participant in NATO exercises in the region in order to help bolster Ukraine’s defenses.

The package is part of a larger effort by the international community to support Ukraine in the face of potential Russian aggression. The United States and other western countries have provided both diplomatic and financial support to Ukraine, while NATO has increased its presence in the region. The United Nations has also taken a more active role in mediating the conflict. The EU has also provided financial support and other assistance to help Ukraine strengthen its economy and institutions.