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Global Chromium Nitride (CrN) PVD Coating Market Overview and Analysis of VaporTech, Brycoat, Surface Technology Coatings (STC), miniToolsCoating srl, North Star Coating, voestalpine eifeler, Wallwork, SurfTech, DOT, Huron Tool & Cutter Grinding, IBC, Suzhou Sai Ruida Nano Technology, Dongguan Jiujiang Nano Technology, Dongguan Baotai Coating Technology, Dongguan Puside Hardware Mould, Dongguan Jintai Mould, Chongqing Dechong Nano Technology, Guanrong Technology, Suzhou Denai Nano Technology, Tefton Nanotechnology, Dongguan Jinsheng Nano Technology, Hongli Nano and more

Chromium nitride (CrN) is a type of physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating that is used to provide wear and corrosion resistance, as well as improve the surface hardness and lubricity of industrial components. It is often used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical.

CrN is a nanocomposite coating consisting of a chromium nitride layer, which is deposited on top of a thin corrosion resistant layer of chromium. It offers an excellent combination of surface hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, lubricity, and thermal stability. The chromium nitride layer is also very thin, allowing it to be applied to complex geometries without any additional machining.

The global chromium nitride coating market is growing steadily due to its various benefits. The rising demand for high performance components in the automotive, aerospace, and medical sectors is driving the growth of the global CrN coating market. Additionally, factors such as technological advancements and the increasing demand from emerging economies are also expected to boost the market growth in the coming years.

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The major global companies of Chromium Nitride (CrN) PVD Coating include VaporTech, Brycoat, Surface Technology Coatings (STC), miniToolsCoating srl, North Star Coating, voestalpine eifeler, Wallwork, SurfTech and DOT, etc. In 2021, the world’s top three vendors accounted for approximately % of the revenue.

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