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Planetary defenses spot ‘UFO’ on collision course with Earth, seems to be a NASA relic (VIDEO)

Planetary defenses spot ‘UFO’ on collision course with Earth, turns out to be a NASA relic (VIDEO)

An unidentified object was noticed on a collision course with Earth, triggering the alarm amongst planetary protection specialists. Fortunately, the thing was recognized earlier than any drastic emergency measures had been taken.

Given the slew of house rocks which shoot via our cosmic yard every week, it’s unsurprising that an unidentified object noticed headed proper on the Earth would increase the alarm. The College of Arizona’s Catalina Sky Survey, funded by NASA’s Planetary Protection Coordination Workplace (PDCO), noticed the UFO late on August 25.

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The sighting was corroborated by the College of Hawaii’s Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Final Alert System. 

After crunching some numbers, and consulting historical tomes from the 1960s, the specialists had cracked the case. The UFO was, in truth, NASA’s Orbiting Geophysics Observatory 1 (OGO-1), headed house after 56 years in house.

Having arrived in orbit in September 1964, the satellite tv for pc burned up harmlessly within the ambiance, raining down fiery particles over the Pacific Ocean some 160 kilometers (100 miles) southeast of Tahiti, in French Polynesia on Saturday, August 26 at 20:44 UTC in accordance with NASA.

OGO-1, together with 5 different satellites, was launched to chart and examine the Earth’s magnetosphere, ambiance, the Earth’s relationship with the Moon and the affect of the Solar’s rays on the house instantly surrounding our planet. 

Its perform started diminishing after 5 years in house at which level the choice was made to put it in standby mode in November 1969, earlier than being decommissioned two years later.

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At this level, the 487-kilogram (1,074-pound) satellite tv for pc joined the 1000’s of different fragments of house junk clogging up Earth’s yard. 

It then proceeded to fall ever so slowly again all the way down to Earth due to its eccentric orbit, which introduced it simply shut sufficient for Earth’s gravity to persuade it to return again down in a blaze of glory this previous week. 

Regardless of being the primary of six OGO satellites launched, it was the final to return again down, the opposite 5 burned up upon reentry between 1972 and 2011, their particles falling harmlessly into the ocean.

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