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Paranoid asteroid: FIVE extra space rocks headed in direction of Earth, highlighting want for planetary protection initiatives

Paranoid asteroid: FIVE more space rocks headed towards Earth, highlighting need for planetary defense initiatives

NASA’s planetary protection community is warning of one more barrage of 5 asteroids because of enter Earth’s yard this week, within the newest check of our early-warning methods and preparedness within the face of space-based threats.

The opening salvo will include two asteroids, 2013 XA22 and 2020 KZ3, measuring 310 ft and 64 ft, which is able to cross Earth at a distance of 1.eight million miles and 761,000 miles respectively. 

The typical distance between Earth and the Moon is about 239,000 miles, so regardless of the comparatively shut name with 2020KZ3, we can be spared any hazard. 

© NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The subsequent house rock will arrive on Wednesday, June 10, when the 65-foot asteroid 2020 KY will skim previous at a really secure distance of 4.12 million miles. 

It is going to be adopted quickly after by one other 65-footer at a variety of three.6 million miles, on June 11. Then, in a while June 11, a 60-foot asteroid will come even nearer, however nonetheless at a secure distance of two.three million miles. 

All 5 asteroids this week will come inside 4.6 million miles of Earth which, whereas hardly apocalyptic, is sufficient to elevate just a few involved eyebrows. 4 of the 5 house rocks had been solely noticed in the midst of final month (Could 22, 17, 15 and 13), which might give us hardly any time to brace for impression or probably deflect the objects in the event that they had been in peril of placing Earth. 

It’s the second consecutive week wherein 5 asteroids have made flybys of Earth, highlighting the potential risk posed by asteroids to our residence planet and the necessity to make investments extra in early warning methods and total planetary protection initiatives.

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Illustration © Pixabay / Thomas Breher
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