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The lesson of WWII? ‘Industrialized mass homicide’ solely potential when individuals cease questioning narratives, Werner Herzog tells RT

The lesson of WWII? ‘Industrialized mass murder’ only possible when people stop questioning narratives, Werner Herzog tells RT

The 75th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany ought to function a reminder to all that the Holocaust was carried out utilizing a tightly managed, unchallenged narrative, filmmaker Werner Herzog instructed RT.

Having grown up within the ruins of post-war Germany, the acclaimed director, screenwriter and producer spoke with Sophie Co. host Sophie Shevardnadze about classes that may be gleaned from one of many darkest episodes in human historical past.

The atrocities carried out by the Nazis have been the results of a lockstep narrative of “demonization” which changed information, Herzog noticed. He argued that scapegoating individuals and whole nations – “Jewish individuals, the French, the Russians,” and so forth – can nonetheless be seen “very clearly” right this moment.

It isn’t a lot what’s factually taking place, it’s who owns the narrative. And we have now to be very, very cautious and watchful about trying on the media. What are the media doing? Is there some kind of nearly collective brainwashing occurring or not? … [W]e need to be fairly vigilant and we should always suppose on our personal.

The “industrialized mass homicide” of the Holocaust – a mechanized system of loss of life not seen earlier than in human historical past – required manufactured consent, he harassed.

However questioning prevailing narratives won’t be sufficient. Ought to fascism re-emerge, Herzog vowed that he would sacrifice his life to cease it. The filmmaker stated he would “take up arms” and “defend democracy” if there’s one other Holocaust.

So long as there’s breath in me, it’s not going to occur, as a result of I’ll combat again actively. I’ll arm myself and I’ll combat again. And you will notice me useless, and solely then it could occur.

The tragedies and triumphs of World Conflict II could seem distant and overseas to present generations, however he argued that related sacrifice and cooperation could be seen within the present combat in opposition to Covid-19. He urged individuals to indicate “self-discipline” with the intention to overcome the pandemic, stressing that the virus should be “starved.”

For Herzog, the heroes of our instances are those that have selflessly volunteered as take a look at topics because the world rushes to develop a vaccine for coronavirus.

The worldwide well being disaster will probably alter our “collective conduct,” he noticed – a change that can hopefully be for the higher. As Herzog identified, Germany as soon as waged a catastrophic battle in opposition to the Soviet Union, however now he’s “fortunately married” to a Russian.

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